5G and It’s Impact on Internet of Things (IOT)


In this world where technology is enhancing almost everyday , now we are gradually entering to the age of 5G or 5th generation which is has been commercially available in 2020. As this concept is new for the common people hence let us see what is the meaning of 5G and its effect on the Internet of Things.


What is 5G ?

In layman’s language 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks which aims to provide faster data transmission speed than 4G and hence opens a new gateway of opportunities for people in every sector. It will give a great chance for innovations and provide a platform for emerging technologies like IoT to become a major part of the society.

What is Internet of Things?

The next  term encountered is the Internet of Things,  basically it is the connection or network of devices (“things”) embedded with sensors, software and different types of technologies so that these devices are capable of transmitting data with other devices over the internet.

It is a concept which has recently become very popular commercially through automated home and office services and is enhancing its capabilities day-by-day. It also uses artificial intelligence for voice and gesture recognitions which makes it more interactive.

Effect of 5G on Internet of things –

  • Nowadays 5G is not just limited to fast internet but enables very low latency , high-speed connectivity and universal coverage that supporting the following :-
  • Smart devices that can connect to each other, like cars, trucks and buses where they can track routes and delay .
  • It also enables connectivity where network performance is very critical like the machinery in riskful areas therefore providing fast worker service and remote surgeries.
  • Also according to a survey , a large number(76%) of the healthcare executives expect that 5G could allow them to take up new services and products that will improve health services and hence be a change agent of the future industry.
  • 5G will also impact the management and networking of cars, machinery sensors and electronics which will give a boom to the business sector with new business models as well.
  • IoT sector will get a major enhancement through the involvement of 5G as it would become commercially more available to the general public.
  • It will allow massive amount of IoT devices to connect simultaneously hence providing easy communication.
  • It will give high sensor density for gathering data enabling the digitalization of factory floors and enhancing visualization and productivity without complex wiring.
  • 5G will cause a major growth in the use of IoT devices due to its low latency property which will give a chance of the use of augmented and virtual reality and was otherwise tough with 4G.


Involvement of 5G will improve the following :-

  • Speed of data transmission through devices.
  • Give a major boom to IoT sector.
  • Good networking between the devices hence productivity.
  • Connecting to hazardous environments.
  • Remote surgeries can be made or accurate.
  • Involvement of new business-models considering IoT devices as well.
  • Management and networking of sensors in different places.
  • Paving a path of the use of augmented and virtual reality.