Best C Programming Examples With Output


A collection of programs written in C programming language which will help in developing programming concepts like basic syntax, loops, arrays, data structures, file handling etc.

Basic syntax

  1. C Program to Calculate Simple Interest
  2. C Program to convert given number of days into years days and weeks.
  3. C Program to print ASCII value of a character



  1. C Program for conversion of decimal to binary
  2. C Program for conversion of binary to decimal
  3. C program for fibonacci series
  4. C Program to check prime number
  5. C Program to find sum of digits of an integer
  6. C Program to find the greatest of 10 numbers
  7. C Program to print table of a number
  8. C Program to reverse a number


  1. C Program to print pattern of stars as triangle


  1. C program to evaluate exponential series upto limit n


  1. C program for implementing switch case
  2. C Program for mathematical operations using switch case


  1. C program to create and print 3×3 matrix
  2. C program to create and print MxN matrix
  3. C Program for matrix addition
  4. C program for matrix multiplication
  5. C program for insertion and deletion of an element in an array
  6. Write a C program to convert a matrix to a sparse matrix and perform addition on two sparse matrices.
  7. Sparse matrix multiplication
  8. Sparse matrix transpose


  1. C Program to enter employee details using Structure


  1. C program to change case of a string
  2. C Program to compare strings without using strcmp
  3. C program to concatenate strings without using strcat
  4. C program to count number of vowels in a string
  5. C program to make string lower case
  6. C program to reverse a string
  7. C Program to upper case string without using strupr
  8. String Palindrome program in C language


  1. C Program to find sum of elements of an array using pointers
  2. C Program to find average of elements of an array using pointers
  3. C Program To swap two numbers using pointers


  1. C Program for sum of N natural numbers using recursion
  2. C Recursion Program for factorial

Sorting and Searching

  1. C Program for binary search
  2. C Program for linear search
  3. C Program for bubble sort
  4. C Program for insertion sort
  5. C Program for selection sort

File Handling

  1. C Program to create file and write and read a character
  2. C Program to store information about a person in a file
  3. C Program to copy contents of one file into another
  4. C Program to count characters, tabs, spaces and lines in a file
  5. C Program to find length of a string without using strlen

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