BrowserStack is hiring SWE Intern for 2021 – Apply Now

browserstack internship
BrowserStack is hiring SWE Intern for 2021 for 6 months internship.

Internship Location

Mumbai, India

Internship Description

What do Microsoft, The Gap, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lockheed Martin, and top Open Source projects like JQuery have in common? They all use BrowserStack, as do over 25,000 other customers!
BrowserStack is the industry-leading, cloud web and mobile testing platform that enables developers to test their websites and apps on different operating systems and mobile devices. Since launching in 2011, our mission has been bold yet simple: To be the testing infrastructure for the internet. 6 years and billions of tests later, we are ready for our next phase of hyper growth. Bootstrapped for the first 6 years, we continue to be profitable since inception with a near exponential growth in customers around the globe. Recently, we closed $50M in Series A funding from Accel.
Are you someone who wants to work on a tech-heavy product, and the challenging technical problems that it entails? Problems vary, and can be as diverse as scaling the product smoothly as the company grows, to setting up a device farm, or solving streaming issues through a browser, without the use of plugins. Will you be excited for the challenge to transform and think critically about many computer science disciplines including product design, usability, building APIs and user-centric online applications, business logic, scaling performance, and 24×7 reliability?

Internship Responsibilites

● Writing high quality code, participating in code reviews, designing/architecting systems of varying complexity and scope, and creating high quality documentation supporting the design/coding tasks
● Lead out team meetings, stand-ups, and architecture/design discussions
● Identify areas of improvement in our frameworks, tools, processes and strive to make them better. Evaluate our success metrics and evolve our reporting systems
● Works on the web application layer, backend, systems, streaming and other associated technology to build our product and components
● Find solutions and solve issues around a variety of operating systems or programming languages
● Researching new technologies and adapt them to BrowserStack requirements
● Own and commit to all your work, and be accountable for your results
● Using and understanding code from Open Source
● Teaching others how to use new software
● Willing to learn new programming languages and databases
● Able to write efficient SQL queries and design schemas for relational databases
● Participate in a culture of code reviews, writing tech specs, and collaborating closely with other people (no lone wolves)
● Produce high quality software that is unit tested, code reviewed, and checked in regularly for continuous integration
● Develop multi-tier scalable, high-volume performing, and reliable user-centric applications that operate 24×7
● Scale distributed applications, make architectural trade-offs applying synchronous and asynchronous design patterns, write code, and deliver with speediness and quality.

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