hashing in c

What is hashing in data structures?

Hashing is basically used for searching a key in an array.
count sort

Count sort in C

Count sort is index based sorting algorithm. It is much faster than comparison based sorting technique but takes a lot more space.

Merge sort in C

We assume each element of the list/array as a separated list. Each single element is sorted by default so we merge down pair of elements using the merging two sorted arrays method.

Quick Sort in C

Quick sort in C C++The popular oneAlso known as Selection-exchange sort, and Partition-exchange...

Selection sort in C

Start from the first element and iterate the array to find smallest element and swap first and that element.

Insertion Sort in C

Consider first element of the array as sorted then loop through remaining elements and perform insertion like inserting an element is done in a sorted array.

Bubble Sort in C

Bubble sort is one of the comparison based sorting algorithm.

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