Greedy Approach vs Dynamic Programming

Greedy method of solving problems involves a predefined procedure to follow to obtain the result.
hashing in c

What is hashing in data structures?

Hashing is basically used for searching a key in an array.
count sort

Count sort in C

Count sort is index based sorting algorithm. It is much faster than comparison based sorting technique but takes a lot more space.

Merge sort in C

We assume each element of the list/array as a separated list. Each single element is sorted by default so we merge down pair of elements using the merging two sorted arrays method.

Quick Sort in C

Quick sort in C C++ The popular one Also known as Selection-exchange sort, and Partition-exchange...

Selection sort in C

Start from the first element and iterate the array to find smallest element and swap first and that element.

Insertion Sort in C

Consider first element of the array as sorted then loop through remaining elements and perform insertion like inserting an element is done in a sorted array.

Bubble Sort in C

Bubble sort is one of the comparison based sorting algorithm.

Criteria for sorting analysis in Data Structures

Number of comparisons Number of swaps Adaptive behaviour - Checking if the data structure is already sorted or completely unsorted Stable - Maintaining order of duplicate values in sorted data structure Extra memory - Space Complexity

Circular Linked List

Circular linked list is similar to simple linked list, the main difference is that the last node points to the first node and not to null.