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How to Tutorials to every problem faced by a programmer. Related to installation, compiler, interpreter, server and all at one place. Search it. Find it. Solve it.  


Best Affordable Graphics Tablet For Drawing And Teaching

Huion HS64 Graphics Pen Tablet Unboxing And Review on Android, Windows and MacOS.

Splash Screen Implementation Like In Google Apps

Create Or Add Splash Screen In Android | Kotlin + Java | The Google/Right Way | 2021

Smart Parking System

Smart parking system using raspberry pi or arduino. OpenCV module. TCP/IP socket connection. Android App. Image processing. IR sensors.
splash -screen-android

How to create splash screen in android studio

Splash screen is the screen containing a logo or a background of the app that is to be displayed when we open the app. Splash screen is displayed during the loading of our main app activity in background.

Download And Run Turbo C++ On Mac Os

  Turbo C++ is the most basic C/C++ compiler and integrated development environment originally introduced by Borland. Turbo C++ is discontinued by the Borland and...