Insertion sort in C

Consider first element of the array as sorted then loop through remaining elements and perform insertion like inserting an element is done in a sorted array.

Important points

  • Assume first element to be sorted. Then take each of remaining element and insert in that sorted array.
  • Time complexity is of O(n^2).
  • Insertion sort is more beneficial in linked lists as there is no need of swapping.
  • Adaptive
  • Stable

Program for Insertion Sort in C language


void InsertionSort(int A[],int n)
    int i,j,x;
    for (i=1;i<n;i++)
        x = A[i];
        while(j>-1 && A[j]>x)
            A[j+1] = A[j];
        A[j+1] = x;

int main()
    int A[10] = {1,5,2,1,6,3,6,2,5,10};
    int i;
        printf("%d ",A[i]);
    return 0;

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