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What is OpenMRS?

OpenMRS is a community of people from different backgrounds like health care, technology, management etc who have come together with a technological solution for hospitals, clinics, where providers like doctors, nurses, reception staff, and patients can use their computers or mobile phones to manage hospital records. Hospital/ clinic records include patient’s details, their health vitals, administrators. These records can be accessed by all the providers related to medical system instantly.

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OpenMRS is an open source profit free organisation created in 2004 by Regenstrief Institute, a world-renowned leader in medical informatics research, and Partners In Health, a Boston-based philanthropic organization.

OpenMRS applications are used all over the world including South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Haiti, India, China, United States, Pakistan, the Philipines, and many other places.

You can read more about OpenMRS from here –

How I got to know about OpenMRS

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I got to know about OpenMRS while going through organisations that participate in GSOC i.e Google Summer of Code, a contribution competition for students to participate and contribute to projects of some organisations.

And while reading and figuring out which organisation is good for me and for whom I am ready to work, my eyes got stuck at OpenMRS ogranisation work and their projects + ideas.

Then I started reading more about OpenMRS and was eager to contribute in this organisation.

Are you a developer willing to contribute?

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A great opportunity and learning experience is waiting for you ;).

OpenMRS includes a whole lot of open source projects in which you can contribute and develop some useful features for the medical system providers or solve their problems using your coding skills and experience.

Some of the OpenMRS projects are :

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Github – OpenMRS android client
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Web module
  • OpenMRS – Module
  • OpenMRS – Core (API an web application code)
  • OpenMRS – android – client (Android mobile app replacement of web application)

I am currently contributing on the OpenMRS android client and believe me it is a great working experience with your fellow contributors and mentors.

Mentors never hesitate to guide you to the solution of the problem you are facing and at the end you’ll develop an incredible working experience with such experienced people.

You can find all OpenMRS projects here –

How to connect?

You can connect to OpenMRS community from their mail list, Telegram channel and OpenMRS talk page.

OpenMRS Talk