schlumberger internship experience

There was an online test conducted first it had multiple choice as well as a coding section. The MCQ type questions were based on OOP, code output as well as some debugging related MCQ. Most of code for these questions was in Java .The coding section had 2 questions , both of them were easy and straightforward , and required only basic mathematical formulas.One was to print out the binary form of the number and other was to find the distance of a given point from origin.


After the test , about 25 students were selected for the next round.The next round had 4 interviews which were taken on the same day , and each interview was an elimination round .The order of interviews were different for everyone according to the availability of panels, but everyone had to go through 2 technical interviews , 1 behavioral interview and 1 managerial interview .

Since this was during COVID , all the interviews were online .

My first round was managerial round , the interviewer asked me about my college journey and then discussed projects and other details which were mentioned in my CV .

The second round for me was the behavioral interview , this was pretty much the same as managerial round for me , with discussion on projects and other details mentioned in my CV . They asked if I would be able to move to Pune for the internship and I said yes.

The third round was a technical interview. In this round the questions started with time complexity of accessing data in various data structures.We started with sorting and it’s time complexity .Explanation of how merge sort is O(nlogn)

Then I had to write pseudo code and dry run thorough a few examples for a variety of topics.  . Quick sort , its working and time complexity explanation. Then there were questions on basics of trees like how to make a node , how to search in a tree, how to add node in a BST and basic properties of BST. Then there were questions on linked list. How to reverse a linked list with O(1) space and O(n) time , how to delete a node in a linked list.

Then there were theoretical question on OOP focusing on virtual keyword , usage and advantages and basics of OOP.

At the end there were 2 puzzles one was how to measure 4L with a 5L and a 3L bucket and other was based on probability .

The last round was also technical , there was some discussion about technical interests and then a single question which I had to code.The question was based on bit representation .It was to find the sum of differing bits of numbers in a given array in O(n).

There were no other rounds for the internship.

The result was declared a couple of days after the interviews . Of 8 students had gone through all 4 rounds and 2 were finally selected at the end for the internships ,I did not get selected.

I would suggest preparing the basics for various data structures and questions based around bit representations . The questions were mostly based on these topics and topics such as dynamic programming or backtracking were not asked .