Smart Parking System

Smart parking system using raspberry pi or arduino. OpenCV module. TCP/IP socket connection. Android App. Image processing. IR sensors.


Smart parking system using raspberry pi or Arduino. OpenCV module. TCP/IP socket connection. Android App. Image processing. IR sensors.

Parking spot detector using IR Sensors . RaspberryPi 4 . Pi Camera Module. OpenCV. Android App. Socket TCP/IP.

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Smart parking system is a complete IOT based solution to automate the current parking scenario , also provide customer with a mobile app to provide realtime information about the parking spots/slots available at a particular place, also an option to pre book a slot.

Project Description

The solution we offer is to make a plan for the entire parking area, grid it out , attach IR sensors at every parking spot(that detect if a car’s there or not) and send real time information to the app , provide a pre-booking system using the car registration numbers and detect them on entry using cameras , every parking spot is linked with a QR code that the user can scan to remember their parking spot shown on the app , the moment you park the car a timer starts charging you on time basis and providing an online payment portal, overall better dissipation of knowledge as opposed to the current meta of going to the place and searching for a parking spot .

This smart parking project can be used in various technology hackathon

Using raspberry pi, IR Sensors, jumper cables and a working knowledge of socket connection, TCP-IP and app development of web development.

Github Repository Link :-

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