WhiteHat Jr Reviews For Parents – Is It Really Worth It?


WhiteHat Junior Reviews to help you decide whether to enroll your child in the coding program or not.

Get all your doubts cleared from a computer science & engineering professional.

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WhiteHat Junior Reviews

What is exactly WhiteHat Jr?

According to their website, whiteHat Jr is a platform that provides 1:1 live coding classes for kids of 6-18 years of age to learn and practice various courses such as application developement, games development etc. They have divided their course structure from Beginner(Grade 1) to Applied Tech(Grade 10+) for better understanding of the course level suitable for your child.

WhiteHat Jr.  has teachers, not from the coding background generally but are told to be specially trained for the courses they teach and capable enough to take care of the difficulty level for their students.

Opinion – No one can be trained to be coding teacher. Coding requires at least months of studying and years of experience. Especially the courses they state to teach. (given below).

Is coding really a necessity for your child?

Coding was never a necessity and will never be.

Every statement has “but” included, and here too it is.

The world is definitely changing rapidly and moving towards automating processes through software development, artifical intelligence, machine learning etc techniques. that requires coding.

Computer Engineering jobs are one of the highest in number of recruitments and salaries offered, so it is a highly ranked career option for students.

Further merits include increase in IQ levels, competitive and problem solving attitude towards life.

Opinion – But coding is not at all necessary for children, as it takes in some computer experience, good basics of maths and logic. So instead of enrolling any child in coding, it would be better to enroll them in vedic maths, logics, abacus etc types of activites, their coding will automatically improve.

But, if you still plan to have your child enrolled in a WhiteHat jr. course. Here are all possible scenarios of how it can affect your child.

How will the WhiteHat Jr. coding courses affect your child?

There has been many allegations regarding marketing practice by Byjus’ owned WhiteHatJr. I believe that the some of their marketing practices affect the mindset of parents in a way where they think of the packages that will be offerred to their children in future and their employment in top notch tech companies and this is wrong.

Instead of seeing it as preparing your child for future employment in top notch tech companies with high packages, parents should see this as an opportunity or method for their child to learn something “cool”, yes I am a software developer and I can’t explain the feeling of creating something new and cool, that will be available to the world. Various skills like problem solving, understanding the user mindset, user friendly design techniques are involved in making a simple game, and these skills prepare your child for not only computer science engineering, but also for any competitive exams and scenarios faced in their life.

You can check the first mobile game I developed after learning Android Development.

Mathomon – The Flappy Math

The response and experience I received after developing the game was somewhat of different level and I wish I would have learnt coding earlier as it helps us to execute our ideas and automate stuff. Children are ocean of creativity and new ideas, and I don’t think there is any better way to make them learn the way to execute them and gain experience on their own.

The speed at which each child learns is different and even if your child is not able to observe it so quickly, there is no need to worry, the start is always slow and irregular, but once there is some experience with coding, there will be ideas to innovation on the table anytime soon.

So your kid may better all this .. But only if practiced regularly.


WhiteHat Junior Reviews


Another possible scenario is that it may get cumbersome for some, and may go above their existing knowledge. For this, I suggest to first enroll your child in a trial class and a basic course. Ask your kid regularly, how the course is going, and make the necessary decision.

Will your child be able to adapt the coding environment? What are the pre requirements to start any course?

There is no inital setup to start learning coding with WhiteHat Jr. classes. They have developed a platform where the teacher and student can interact over 1:1 video call class and learn problem solving and coding on the same platform. It is not like the real coding but it will definitely be a good root support before moving on to setting up own coding environment and start professional coding practices. The only requirement is a laptop or computer with working mic, camera and a decent internet connection.

Conclusion. My Personal Reviews.

It is not necessary to enroll your kid in any coding class before 7th 8th class. Instead enroll your kid in dance, music, cricket, football, abacus, vedic maths. At that age, best is to teach a child how to learn, independent of what to learn, and my personal recommendation is any team activity.

But still, if you think your child has time, some interest, resources and the budget, then you can try out the coding courses by WhiteHat Jr. There will be something new to learn and explore the possibilities.

WhiteHat Jr. has mentioned on their website that they will be offerring complete refund anytime and without any questions asked.You may verify with the support team for any hiddren terms and conditions before purchasing anything.

Thank you for reading the complete post. Please let me know in the comment section, how you feel about it.



  1. Nonsense if you are really a software developer you should know that teaching kids advanced subjects like machine learning one needs to have adapt knoweldge of maths. You can’t learn machine learning without knowing maths of college level.This is just a paid promotion for whitehat jr nothing more. There teachers can’t even tell the difference between java and javascript. Also when there are free resources available why would any parent even need to pay a single buck for overpriced whitehat courses which are good for nothing.