Why Most Emerging Bloggers Quit Blogging…


So I am back with another post and I decided to have a comeback with such a topic which lead me to leave or ignore blogging.

While browsing through the most famous blogs and the traffic these bloggers get on their blogs and most importantly being baited my their income statistics or earnings,

I’ll too start a blog, have my own coding content, my blog will get popular and I’ll be rich soon!

This is the general mentality of most people which lead them to start a blog. But they end it soon, or stop writing posts. So what is the reason behind this?

Lack of content? Lack of enthusiasm? Lack of knowledge?

No, the main reason is lack of patience and dedication.

All the famous blogs we admire were not built in a single day. It took time for them to get rich in content, bloggers to learn from their mistakes and then move on, learning various search engine optimisation techniques to rank the posts. And guess what, they are still learning but with more enthusiasm.

So what is need to be done?

Believe in yourself, in your blog. Start writing posts and learn about your content, the market, SEO. Stop thinking about how and when will you start earning. Think about the things you’ll learn from this and how can you help the viewers with your blog.

It is mainly about consistency. Consistency provides success in almost every aspect of life. Same do with your blog and soon your blog will be a hit.

Reason for some to leave blogging is the fear of such high competition. The fear of how their blog will exist in such competitive market.

There are several pizza restaurants in the world and they all are earning sufficient, they all have their market share. The difference in Pizza Hut and other street pizza restaurants is that these street pizza restaurants lack better understanding of market, and lack of competent attitude. So it is not always about having a new idea, but always it is about bringing a new factor to an existing idea. But don’t worry if you don’t have that new factor too, those street pizza restaurants too are earning sufficient. Exactly !

Stop worrying! Start doing! You will be a hit!