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About Codingee

Codingee is a tech + coding blog founded in 2019. Codingee consists of all sorts of articles and posts ranging from software development practices, all development frameworks like React Native, Flutter, Node Js, Flask, Django etc. , computer science/ IT coursework ( Computer graphics, Operating Systems, Data Structures, Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Organization And Architecture, Computer Fundamentals), Programming languages (Python, C, C++, Java, Kotlin, C# etc. ), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and the list goes on from gadget reviews, how tos to coding tutorials and resources.

Write something related to tech, we publish it!

About Writer’s Program

We, at Codingee, have started the writer’s program in order to invite students / people to share their tech + coding knowledge with the world.

We will be adding you to our platform from where you can write tech articles and posts for the audience. You will own all your content including the flooded comment sections on your articles. There will be Author’s page and subscription section for your profile along with all your articles. The program is full of surprises for you.

” The more you share, the more you gain. “

As an computer science engineering student and writer/author at Codingee, I have learned the significance of this statement. Writing what we know and what we learn over time, helps us to remember and grasp the topic greatly.

So if you are too a tech geek, the platform is all yours, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and leave everything on us! 😀


  • Tech Geek
  • Good writing skills
  • Ability to understand readers’ mindset



There are whole lots of learning and earning experiences for you

  • Earn upto 1 USD per 100 views on your article/post.
    • USA / UK – 1 USD per 100 views
    • India – 0.8 USD per 100 views
    • Others – 0.5 USD per 100 views
  • Extra payouts on every thousands views your post reach (1000 views, 2000 views etc.).
  • Learning and cometitive atmosphere.

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Codingee Writer’s Program Leaderboard

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Own Your Author’s Page

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Codingee Author’s Page



  • Curriculum Related – Data Structures, Algorithms, Database, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Computer fundamentals, Computer graphics, Electronics, etc.
  • Programming languages (Any) tutorials, programs, guides etc.
  • Development frameworks (Any like flutter, node, react native/js) installation guides, tutorials, short functionalities (like, splash screen, icons change, manifest changes), solving particular errors.
  • Review coding, tech, computer science courses (Coursera, Udemy, EdX) and books (from Amazon, Flipkart).
  • Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data etc related articles.
  • Promote your projects (apps, websites, open source code).
  • Coding questions ( Leetcode, Codechef, Codeforces, InterviewBit etc.)
  • Opportunities – Internships, Placements, Hackathons, Google Summer of Code, Research Opportunities.


  • Latest Gadgets (Mobiles, Laptops, AR, VR glasses etc) reviews, tutorials and how tos.
  • Installation + Reviews for softwares ( video editing, screen casting, media players)
  • Review WordPress plugins, themes (MyThemeShop, Elegant Themes)
  • Interview experiences with tech giants.


  • Blog section – Write Anything !

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