The Beginning Of A New Era With Artificial Intelligence



The new age is the era of advanced technology and digitalization. The computing techniques are undergoing new approaches with the advanced concept of artificial intelligence. AI or Artificial Intelligence is the process of developing smart machines with thinking capability just like humans. The advent of this generation of computers will certainly make everyday activities easier and effortless. Moreover, this branch of computer science is going to bring a new era, especially in the technological sector. The working process of the high-level machines are unique. Each and every day, machine learning is witnessing multiple changes in the style of operations. This content will deal with the amazing concept of AI and how it is beneficial for mankind.

The Thinking Power Of Machines

Before proceeding with the future generation machines, we must go some years back. In the year 1950, Alan Turing wrote on a bombastic topic of “Can Machines Think?” The primary objective of the article was to provide people with a vision of future technology. Artificial Intelligence solves all doubts of Alan by replicating the human thinking power within the machines. However, many people were not ready to accept such a concept. But, gradually, changing times gave rise to new theories.

There is no proper definition for Artificial Intelligence that can explain the thinking capacity of machines. However, there are basically four approaches to get to the point. These are;-
• Rational thinking
• Thinking like human
• Acting rationally
• Acting like human

The first two concepts of the above list focus on the reasoning capacity. Moreover, the last two tell about the behavior of the machines. According to Patrick Winston, AI is a set of algorithms that different constraints enable. Furthermore, the concept actually blends perception as well as actions. The combined effects of the to will give you a favorable outcome.

Intervention Of Humans

The definition of Artificial Intelligence may not satisfy a lot of individuals. Several experts in this field explained the working process of the smart machines. Furthermore, this technology mainly aims at performing multiple tasks that need human interference. So, basically, machine learning can now enable the machines to apply human intelligence. Some machines operate on rigid rules and techniques while some others get the power from deep learning theories.

Categories Of Artificial Intelligence

There are two categories of Artificial Intelligence. These are;-

• Artificial General Intelligence: This is the Strong AI that you can observe in the robotic technology. Several movies are already there showing the application of the same concept infused in highly powerful robots. Therefore, the machines with AGI have the power to deal with several problems and solve them by applying intelligence, like humans.

• Narrow Artificial Intelligence: This concept is often termed as Weak Artificial Intelligence. It is unable to perform multiple tasks at a single point in time. Therefore, it works under a limited context and faces a lot of constraints. The machines with Narrow AI can seem to be very intelligent. However, they face even more troubles than normal humans. Some example of this technology is Google Search, self-driving cars, Watson by IBM, etc.